March 1, 2012

Live At Simon Fraser

The Live At Simon Fraser REALTOR® website is a completely custom real estate website built entirely on the amazingly powerful MyRealPage CMS platform. Hafez Panju is a longtime MyRealPage client, and although he was happy with their tools, he wanted a completely custom look & specific functionality for his new community focused niche website. The MyRealPage platform has some of the best MLS search tools available in the Canadian market, and these tools became the foundation of the new site.

Working with Hafez, we developed a unique combination of pre-defined real estate search categories linked to easy-search buttons, and custom tailored searches that allow the SFU real estate buyer to quickly locate the property of their dreams, within one or two clicks. Area searches are predefined for all of the major areas in the city, along with a special category for golf course and waterfront listings. The site has quickly become a useful resource for anyone searching for a home at Simon Fraser University.