SEO & Online Marketing

Launching A Targeted Attack

If your website goals involve a large amount of “new” inbound traffic, or you wish to rank highly for specific terms, we suggest that you take advantage of our ongoing monthly SEO packages. These packages are designed to ensure that your site is meeting and/or exceeding your search engine traffic expectations. We will measure, make proactive changes and report back to you monthly with the results of your web efforts, and the efforts of your identified competitors. We will also provide critical recommendations to supplement the onsite actions we complete to ensure that your site remains competitive, focused, and well-ranked in the Search Engines.

Our monthly SEO package includes:

• determine top keyword terms or phrase that would be ideal for your site to rank high in the search engines. This is done using keyword tools, data from your site visitors and current events or trends that may be influencing what consumers are searching for. Along with optimizing existing pages and integrate these terms on your site in existing content we may also suggest a new page or blog post to maximize your return from visitors searching these terms.

• assess the current performance of your site for these and past keyword phrases along with your historical rankings so you can see if your site is moving up or down on the search engine results page along with improved visitor behavior while on your site.

• assess the top ten competitors for these and past terms in the search engines providing a spreadsheet showing these site’s current rankings and 13 of the most important off page factors. This allows us to implement specific tactics needed to surpass the sites in the results pages.

• access website analytic software for your site and spend time each month auditing visitor behavior on your site and suggest and execute changes that improve time spent on your site or increase the number of desired actions by visitors

• evaluate visual and navigational aspects of your site for on page factors that may be negatively impacting site visitors behaviour and suggest and execute changes that improve time spent on your site or increase the number of desired actions by visitors

• check various pages on your site for cross browser compatibility to ensure your site shows properly in all five of the major internet browsers

• assess your site to ensure that the search engines are able to crawl and index your site properly and repair minor fixes (such as dead links) and suggest and/or execute solutions for more substantial problems

• submit your site to 3 quality industry related or general directories which creating inbound links to your site

• attempt to gain 3 – 6 inbound links from quality relevant sites with appropriate anchor text. These inbound links are the primary and integral offsite ranking factor and can result in a drastic improvement in the search engine rankings

Also included are the following services as required:

• Implement Google Analytics and Webmaster tools along with creating and submitting an XML sitemap to the search engines

• Submit your site to Google Local, Yahoo Local, Bing Local, Yelp, Ask City (US only), City Search (US Only)